About Us


Welcome to Liya Electricals W.L.L, your trusted partner in electrical solutions since 2001. As a leading supplier for electrical products in Qatar, we take pride in offering a diverse range of top-quality products from renowned brands such as MK (By Honeywell, Scame, Prysmian, Oman Cables, Schneider, SMARTr and more. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our dedicated team of highly experienced professionals, ensuring quick responses, high standards, and valuable support for your satisfaction. Specializing in the distribution of wiring accessories, we cater to various industrial and commercial applications, guaranteeing reliability and precision in every project. For over 23 years, we’ve upheld our promise of unwavering faith and uncompromised quality, serving our customers with integrity. Our vision is forward-focused, driven by the strength and experience of our employees, who have been instrumental in our growth and success. At Liya Electricals, we’ve successfully executed numerous projects across sectors such as Oil & Gas, energy, commercial, and industrial constructions. Our track record speaks volumes about our dedication to delivering excellence. Experience the difference with Liya Electricals – where superior customer support meets exceptional products and services. Contact us today and let us illuminate the path for your electrical needs.



At Liya Electricals, our vision is to transcend borders and emerge as a globally recognized and esteemed trading company, specializing in the supply of top-quality electrical products. We are dedicated to surpassing conventional standards, offering innovative and alternative business solutions that not only benefit our clients but also contribute to the collective growth and success of all our stakeholders. Our commitment extends beyond transactions; we aspire to create a lasting impression on our customers—one that withstands the test of time. Every endeavor is fueled by our determination to exceed expectations, providing products and services that set new industry benchmarks. We believe in crafting a legacy that resonates for years to come, and with your unfading support, we are confident in realizing this vision. Together, let’s shape a bright future for us, leaving an indelible mark on the industry. Thank you for being an integral part of this incredible journey—we look forward to achieving milestones together and creating a legacy that echoes excellence.



At Liya Electricals, we believe in the transformative power of collaboration and teamwork. Each member of our team is a valued contributor, recognizing that it’s through our collective efforts that we achieve the most impactful results. Our mission is clear: to provide an efficient material supply service that caters to the diverse needs of our clients. How do we plan on achieving this mission? By staying informed and adapting to the ever-changing dynamics of the business world. We understand that being market- oriented is crucial for staying ahead of the game, which is why we continuously update ourselves on the latest trends and insights. Our mission goes beyond meeting the needs of our clients; we view our clients and suppliers as true partners in our journey. We believe in building long-lasting relationships based on trust, respect, and mutual understanding. By considering our clients and suppliers as partners, we can collaboratively overcome challenges, push boundaries, and achieve extraordinary things. Moreover, at Liya Electricals, our commitment to excellence is unwavering. We aim to deliver a material that not only meet but exceeds our customer’s expectations. Constantly exploring new and innovative ways, we ensure our clients have access to the most cutting-edge and high-quality materials available in the market. In conclusion, our team is united by a common mission—to provide an efficient material supply service by understanding business dynamics, being market-oriented, considering clients and suppliers as partners, and offering quality and innovative materials. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional results and exceeding expectations every step of the way. Welcome to Liya Electricals—where collaboration meets excellence to power progress.