Earthing & Lightning Solutions

Earthing & Lightning Solutions

Two of the essential safety component of any electrical systems are earthing mechanisms and lightning protection mechanisms. The danger that we can avert by having both in place is tremendous.

Lightning protection system

Most of the tall buildings have these systems in place to ensure that the building and its occupants don’t get affected by lightning. The mechanism is simple. Whenever there is lightning, the protection system mounted at a very high point, higher than the building, would capture the high energy discharge and move it through a separate isolated path to the earth. This way, none of the electrical components and the persons using electrical equipment would be affected. The lightning protection system consists of cables, terminal and a system for earthing.

Earthing system

Earthing system is unavoidable for all electrical equipment, especially those humans have to interact frequently. Earthing ensures that there is a low resistance path for the electricity to pass through in case humans come in direct contact with the line through which current is flowing. The absence of such a system would endanger those who are in contact with such equipment. We here at Liya electricals provides some of the best-in-market earthing and lightning protection devices and other components necessary for the installation. Our equipment has been proven to be safe and reliable.


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